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1 single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance; "slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach" [syn: bed]
2 a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another
3 an abstract place usually conceived as having depth; "a good actor communicates on several levels"; "a simile has at least two layers of meaning"; "the mind functions on many strata simultaneously" [syn: level, stratum]
4 a hen that lays eggs
5 thin structure composed of a single thickness of cells v : make or form a layer; "layer the different colored sands"

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  1. A single thickness of some material covering a surface
  2. A (usually) horizontal deposit; a stratum.
  3. A person who lays things, such as tiles.
  4. A hen kept to lay eggs.
  5. An item of clothing worn under or over another.



single thickness of some material covering a surface
person who lays things, such as tiles
hen kept to lay eggs
  • Dutch: legster
  • Finnish: munituskana
  • German: Legehenne
  • Spanish: (gallina) ponedora
item of clothing worn under or over another


  1. to cut or divide (something) into layers
  2. to arrange (something) in layers.
    Layer the ribbons on top of one another to make an attractive pattern.


to cut or divide into layers
to arrange in layers
  • German: schichten
  • Turkish: tabaka (?)

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Layer may refer to:
  • A layer of dieposits found on archaeological excavation isolated as a single context in the stratigraphy of the site
  • A layer hen, a hen raised to produce eggs.
  • In abstraction, a layer is an abstract place conceived as having depth.
  • Stratum, a layer of rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics.
  • Thermocline, a layer within a body of water where the temperature changes rapidly with depth.
  • Layering, a technique for plant propagation.
  • Layered hair, a popular hair styling technique.
  • Layering (clothing), the wearing of multiple layers of clothing for practical or fashion purposes
  • A subset of related objects on a CAD drawing which can be viewed and manipulated separately from the whole drawing. Layers are usually organised to one of several recognised standard, such as ISO 13567.
In fiction:
  • Layer, a scantily-clad female Maverick Hunter in the Mega Man X series. She works as a Navigator and has a crush on the character Zero.
In computing and technology:
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Appleton layer, F layer, Heaviside-Kennelly layer, Van Allen belt, arrange in layers, belt, bookie, chemosphere, delaminate, desquamate, exfoliate, flake, ionosphere, isothermal region, laminate, lay down, lay up, lower atmosphere, outer atmosphere, photosphere, scale, stratify, stratosphere, stratum, substratosphere, tropopause, troposphere, upper atmosphere
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